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The Benchmarking Experts in Europe.

FITZ Partners Ltd is a London-based fund research company specialising in the detailed calculations of fund fees and expenses and delivering Pan-European fund fee benchmarks for regulation reporting. 


FITZ Partners’ primary focus is to support the European fund industry participants in their cost management efforts and fiduciary responsibilities.

FITZ Partners aims to assist Asset Managers by delivering consistent and detailed fund expense calculations and fee benchmarks. This allows investment managers, management companies, and their boards to conduct detailed and accurate reviews of their funds’ operating costs. 


FITZ Partners is a unique provider of independently calculated investment fund fees and expense data.

Through meticulous calculations, FITZ Partners delivers precise fund expense breakdowns and fee benchmarks at the lowest level of operations possible. All fee structures and classifications defined internally are based on audited fund documents and reviewed through FITZ Partners’ stringent internal quality assurance processes.


FITZ Partners calculations specifically describe, alongside Management fees, any Administration, Custody, Distribution, Audit, Professional, Custody Handling/Transaction, Performance, Subsidy or Other operating expenses paid by a fund at the share class level in one given accounting period.

Our calculations remain consistent across domiciles and are based on the TER methodology pioneered by Fitzrovia International over 25 years ago, which has become the industry standard for regulation reporting. 


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