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How one of our most powerful tools became one of the most misused. …One of the striking lessons of the pandemic has been how powerful data can be when handled

Cut-throat price competition among tracker fund providers is fuelling the war on fees across Europe’s investment industry with active managers joining their passive counterparts in axing fees to attract new

One year ago this month, landmark rules came into force obliging UK asset managers to come clean about the value offered by their products. As the FCA embarks on a probe into

One of the strongest bastions of stockpicking, the UK is now following the US by embracing the low-cost, index-tracking approach pioneered by BlackRock and its American rivals Vanguard and State

… Mr Gillibert predicts one area of increased focus will be differences between the way retail and institutional investors are charged for share classes in the same fund. “People are

Close to £184bn of UK investor money is languishing in expensive funds that still pay commissions to financial advisers, despite efforts by the financial regulator to stamp out conflicts of

… “According to analysis by Fitz Partners, the fund research company, investment companies have reduced their headline management fees by 19.4 per cent since 2015. By contrast average investment advisory

… Hugues Gillibert, director at fund fee consultancy Fitz Partners, said: “During a year like 2018, one would expect to see portfolio managers trying to chase superior performance through a

The UK financial regulator’s landmark report into the asset management sector in 2017 sent a scathing message: fund fees are too high and investment companies fail to give good value

More than a third of the assets owned by UK retail investors are in share classes that continue to pay trail commission to advisers, according to data from Fitz Partners,


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