About half of international asset managers offer these “dedicated” types of share classes that give more discretion on fee levels, accounting for around 10 per cent of cross-border funds’ classes,

However, Hugues Gillibert, CEO of Fitz, says the figures “show the limitation of any global pan-European cost benchmarks” as the high-level comparison… View Article Here

Profit margins fell 27 percent last year, according to an analysis of 1,350 products in Luxembourg, Ireland, and the UK by specialist fee research firm Fitz Partners… View Article Here  

Mixed asset funds are delivering the highest net profit margins for asset managers, while equity and bonds funds see a decline. Fitz Partners research showed a decline in asset managers’

Firms’ efforts to preserve fees paid to portfolio managers have led to larger cuts in their profit margins, new research suggests. Management fees for 1,350 funds in Luxembourg, Ireland and

 In March 2018, in this paper, under the title “Regulatory Convergence towards Efficient Fund Governance”, I wrote that “Retaining and focussing on fund products that are delivering value is an

Last year’s modest revenue growth from ESG funds failed to match the hefty increases of former years. Asset managers have taken a hit from the growing backlash to ESG investing,

According to Fitz Partners database, the “vast majority” of funds of funds holding in-house funds invest in a share class offering low fees and “often… View Article here

A Luxembourg third-party management company is introducing an explicit fee across all its funds to meet costs linked to the EU s Sustainable Finance Disclosure… View Article Here 

The UK government has indicated that it will revamp the disclosure rules for charges of investment companies…. View Article Here 

Directors on the boards of some of Europe’s largest investment funds have seen their fees shrink, with those operating in Ireland and Luxembourg posting a 16% drop over the past

EU asset managers are squeezing the fees they pay to independent fund directors, as firms seek to push down costs in the face of market pressures…. View Article Here 

Thirty-one investment trusts have announced a change to their fee structure over the past year, and 28 of these will result in a fee reduction, according to the Association of

One in six fund shares classes have had their fees changed in the past year, research has found. Fund research firm Fitz Partners said 17% of share classes have made

Retail investors are facing higher volatility in fund fees than their institutional counterparts, analysis from Fitz Partners has found. View full article

Costs have a big impact on returns, with half a percentage point of difference in fees adding up to a significant sum over the course of a decade. You can

Fund managers are constantly criticised for underperforming while charging inflated fees. So linking fees to their performance sounds pretty appealing, right? In principle, a performance fee aligns an investor’s interests

EU fund managers remain entrenched on fund retrocessions, while the UK has tentatively shown that banning commissions could be healthy for the funds industry. view full article

Killian Lonergan from BBH meets with Laura Guthrie, Research Director at Fitz Partners, to put fee structuring into a broader context using data. listen to podcast

The European Commission has toned down its support for a full ban on inducements as it prepares to propose measures designed to increase retail investment in the EU. Mairead McGuinness,


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