Benchmarking Reports

FITZ Partners Ltd is a London-based fund fee research company specialising in the detailed calculations of fund fees and expenses and delivering Pan-European fund fee benchmarks.

FITZ Investment Advisory Fees Benchmarking Report

A unique source of the level of investment advisory fees in Europe based on Asset Managers’ confidential fee schedules often involving sliding scale fee models. In this 100-page report, we present the pure cost of the investment advisory function (sub-advisory, portfolio management) that is paid out of funds’ quoted management fees. FITZ Partners offers a measure of net profit generated from management fees net of any retrocessions.

FITZ Performance Fees Benchmarking

A comprehensive review of performance fee structures in Europe is presented in detail in an online module that allows users to filter and compare performance fee structures based on their performance fee rates, High Water Marks, Hurdle Rates, Clawback definitions or durations and more. This research allows users to generate benchmarks and estimate levels of revenue uplift for over 1,000 performance fee structures covered in our research.

FITZ Directors Fees Benchmarking Report

An exclusive benchmarking resource covering fund directors’ fees in Europe, delivering a comprehensive review of all the overall fees paid to independent non-executive directors within the asset management industry. This report also includes valuable relationships between independent directors’ fees and variables such as promoter origin, domicile, number of fund products and their AUM covered by each board. Additionally, a supplementary file is provided containing the entire data sample.

FITZ UK Portfolio Turnover & Trading Fees Analysis

FITZ Partners delivers a unique source of Portfolio Turnover rates and Transaction Fees for UK-domiciled investment funds. Published semi-annually, The FITZ Portfolio Turnover and Transaction Charges represent an indispensable due diligence tool for fund selectors and an unrivalled resource for estimating the overall costs of investments when used alongside our UK Fund Charges Database.

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