FITZ Investment Advisory Fees Benchmarking Report

FITZ Partners provides a unique benchmarking analysis, isolating and clearly defining the part of the management fee that is actually paid for the pure investment advisory or portfolio management function of investment funds in Europe. This report offers an essential benchmarking tool for Fund Expense Committees and Transfer Pricing professionals.

This market research on investment advisory fee levels paid in Europe is based on Asset Managers’ confidential fee schedules. In this 96-page report, we present the pure cost of the investment advisory function that is paid out of the funds’ quoted management fees. We recently added two new sections covering ‘Clean Management Fees’ and corresponding ‘Net Profit benchmarks. These net profit percentages represent the exact part of the management fee revenue left to the Asset Managers after paying fund’s portfolio management or investment advisory fees.

Unique Market Insights

The FITZ Investment Advisory Fees Benchmarking Report provides unique insights into the market net cost of portfolio management or sub-advisory functions in Europe. Through our extensive research and analysis, the report delves into the various factors that influence the unique cost structure of portfolio management or sub-advisory services in Europe.

The Investment Advisory Fees Benchmarking Report offers a comprehensive understanding of the market net cost of portfolio management or sub-advisory functions in Europe. The insights provided in the report can be invaluable to Asset Managers, investment managers and transfer pricing experts to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of portfolio management or sub-advisory services in Europe.

Confidential data

The Investment Advisory Fees Benchmarking Report contains confidential data collected from a wide range of cross-border fund houses. Our clients can trust that the data they receive is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to their needs.

Participants included in our research manage over USD $1,568.57bn, giving our clients access to a broad range of fund types and sizes. This wealth of information allows our clients to benchmark their fees against industry standards, competitors, and the market rate for portfolio management costs.

Pan-European Analysis

The report incorporates data from a total of 1,389 funds that are domiciled in Luxembourg, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The analysis takes into consideration the sliding scale fee structures that are based on the size of individual funds. This approach provides a more refined understanding of the fee structures and their impact on fund performance, as it recognises that larger funds may have different fee structures than smaller ones.


Our research reports cover a wide variety of subjects within the asset management industry, including; investment advisory fees, director fees, management company fees and more. We conduct our research projects through a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research approaches, employing rigorous analysis and evaluation techniques. Our reports are updated annually ensuring that all research is adapted to adequately represent the current market and industry conditions. In line with the ever changing market and industry environment we continue to provide further research for clients when insightful. 

Fund Fees & Expenses

The Benchmarking Experts in Europe

FITZ Partners has been providing unrivalled fund fees & charges data and benchmarking expertise to the European asset management industry for over 10 years. We support over 60 European and global Asset Managers by delivering detailed and independent fund fee data and fund value reporting. Our specialist team in London is dedicated to providing best-in-class client service and offering leading industry expertise in fund costs, peer group construction and fund value benchmarking.

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