FITZ Performance Fees Benchmarking

FITZ Partners provides a unique insight into the structures of fund Performance Fees. Our web-based module and accompanying hard-copy report covers Luxembourg, Ireland, and UK funds, describing in detail performance fee structures, the basis of calculations and listing performance fee rates as well as hurdles, high water marks and benchmarks. Our analysis also provides access to actual performance fees charged to the funds, which are recorded in the funds’ latest available financial accounts.

Our FITZ Performance Fee Module allows calculations of revenue uplift based on existing fee structures and the user’s chosen fund level and benchmark returns. The module also allows a full download of our database’s detailed performance fee structures.

Benchmarking Performance Fees

A unique benchmarking tool using Performance Fee Structures currently in place in Europe. We have translated and standardised the wide-ranging performance fee disclosures found in legal documents, allowing easy access to funds’ detailed performance fee structures (Benchmark indices, High-Watermark, Crystallisation, Clawback, etc.). Our web-based engine is capable of calculating revenue uplift for 1,362 performance fee structures from funds domiciled in Luxembourg, Ireland, and the UK and offers benchmarks in derived revenues and level of fees.

Consistent Data

Our Performance Fee Benchmarking module allows users to access fund level (or share class level, where different) fee structures laid out in a consistent manner to enable a true comparison. The module allows a full export to MS Excel of the performance fee database. It also generates benchmarks and levels of revenue uplift based on a user’s chosen scenario and the 1,362 Performance Fee structures covered in our research. FITZ Partners offers an accompanying 62-page PDF report describing in detail the components of the fund Performance Fee structures found in Europe.

Independent Calculations

FITZ Performance Fees Benchmarking has been created to assist clients by providing a comprehensive analysis of their performance fees across the European fund industry. This research is created independently, ensuring that the analysis is unbiased and objective.


Our research reports cover a wide variety of subjects within the asset management industry, including; investment advisory fees, director fees, management company fees and more. We conduct our research projects through a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research approaches, employing rigorous analysis and evaluation techniques. Our reports are updated annually ensuring that all research is adapted to adequately represent the current market and industry conditions. In line with the ever changing market and industry environment we continue to provide further research for clients when insightful. 

Fund Fees & Expenses

The Benchmarking Experts in Europe

FITZ Partners has been providing unrivalled fund fees & charges data and benchmarking expertise to the European asset management industry for over 10 years. We support over 60 European and global Asset Managers by delivering detailed and independent fund fee data and fund value reporting. Our specialist team in London is dedicated to providing best-in-class client service and offering leading industry expertise in fund costs, peer group construction and fund value benchmarking.

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