FITZ UK Portfolio Turnover & Trading Fees Analysis

FITZ Partners delivers a unique source of Portfolio Turnover rates and Transaction Fees for UK-domiciled investment funds. Published semi-annually, The FITZ Portfolio Turnover and Transaction Charges represent an indispensable due diligence tool for fund selectors and an unrivalled resource for estimating the overall costs of investments when used alongside our UK Fund Charges Database.

Trusted Methodology

The Portfolio Turnover methodology that we use has been thoroughly tested and proven to be reliable over time. It is a trusted approach that has been endorsed by The Investment Association (IA) in their discussion paper on “Meaningful disclosure of costs and charges.”

Our transaction fees are in line with the recommendations made by the IA, which are based on the transaction costs disclosed in the audited funds accounts. This ensures that our clients receive transparent and accurate information about the costs and charges associated with their investments. By adhering to these standards, we strive to provide our clients with a high level of trust and confidence in our investment offerings.

Support Fiduciary Duties

Our Portfolio Turnover methodology and transaction fee management not only provide investors with transparency and accuracy in terms of costs and charges but also support clients in fulfilling their fiduciary duties towards their investors.

By measuring their portfolio turnover and transaction fees against those of competitors, clients can ensure that they are acting in the best interests of their investors. This helps them to identify any areas where they may be falling short and make any necessary adjustments to improve their investment offerings. By providing this support, we help fund houses to maintain their integrity and reputation as responsible stewards of their investors’ assets.

Unique Due Diligence

Clients can now benefit from a unique due diligence tool that can help them make informed investment decisions. When used alongside the UK Fund Charges Database, the UK Portfolio Turnover & Trading Fees Analysis creates a significant step towards achieving a total cost of investment.

With this powerful combination, clients can gain valuable insights into the costs involved in investing, allowing them to make more informed decisions that benefit their clients. This research is designed to provide fund selectors with the information they need to evaluate investment opportunities and make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to better investment outcomes.


Our research reports cover a wide variety of subjects within the asset management industry, including; investment advisory fees, director fees, management company fees and more. We conduct our research projects through a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research approaches, employing rigorous analysis and evaluation techniques. Our reports are updated annually ensuring that all research is adapted to adequately represent the current market and industry conditions. In line with the ever changing market and industry environment we continue to provide further research for clients when insightful.

Fund Fees & Expenses

The Benchmarking Experts in Europe

FITZ Partners has been providing unrivalled fund fees & charges data and benchmarking expertise to the European asset management industry for over 10 years. We support over 60 European and global Asset Managers by delivering detailed and independent fund fee data and fund value reporting. Our specialist team in London is dedicated to providing best-in-class client service and offering leading industry expertise in fund costs, peer group construction and fund value benchmarking.

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