FITZ ManCo Fees Benchmarking

A market research study to investigate ‘ManCo fees’ paid by funds domiciled in Ireland and Luxembourg. The research specifically looks at fees paid to third-party ManCo’s or proprietary ManCo’s. This report provides an overview of the ManCo fee structures, third party ManCo fee structures vs the proprietary ManCo’s, and overall ManCo fees in relation to umbrella size (AUM). Additionally, a supplementary file is provided containing the entire data sample with the specific structures and fees for each fund umbrella. 

ManCo Fees

An in-depth review of proprietary and third-party Management Company fees paid by the asset managers, specifically analysing funds domiciled in Ireland and Luxembourg. This report consists of data from over 1,100 audited annual reports with a universe of disclosed ManCo fee data covering a total of 116 fund umbrellas.

Associated Costs

The FITZ ManCo Fees Benchmarking Report provides a comprehensive overview of ManCo fee structures, covering various aspects such as the highest and lowest fee rates quoted, a detailed comparison between third-party and proprietary ManCo fee structure, and an in-depth analysis of how the ManCo fees and structure vary depending on the size of the umbrella fund’s assets under management (AUM). This information is useful for benchmarking the fees and costs associated with investing in an umbrella fund and comparing different ManCo’s.

Supports Benchmarking

Fitz ManCo Fees Benchmarking report supports asset managers’ fund fees benchmarking efforts either as part of their internal fund products review or overall strategies. This is because ManCo fees have become in greater focus as part of regulatory based periodical fee reviews carried out across Europe in recent years.


Our research reports cover a wide variety of subjects within the asset management industry, including; investment advisory fees, director fees, management company fees and more. We conduct our research projects through a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research approaches, employing rigorous analysis and evaluation techniques. Our reports are updated annually ensuring that all research is adapted to adequately represent the current market and industry conditions. In line with the ever changing market and industry environment we continue to provide further research for clients when insightful. 

Fund Fees & Expenses

The Benchmarking Experts in Europe

FITZ Partners has been providing unrivalled fund fees & charges data and benchmarking expertise to the European asset management industry for over 10 years. We support over 60 European and global Asset Managers by delivering detailed and independent fund fee data and fund value reporting. Our specialist team in London is dedicated to providing best-in-class client service and offering leading industry expertise in fund costs, peer group construction and fund value benchmarking.

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