Other Research

European & UK Fund Fees & Expenses Dashboard 2022
A review of our latest research and industry trends.
Finding Economies of Scale in Asset Management

A quantitative review of economies of scale and their impact on fund fees in Europe and the UK

– Providing an in depth look into Economies of Scale in Asset Management, the current ways in which they are being passed on, and the viability of new and more innovative methods to pass on Economies of Scale

Delivering Robust Assessments of Value

Remarks & UK Market Overview- Providing a detailed summary of the quantitative elements of Assessments of Value, as well as providing an overview of the UK Market.

Performance Fees, An Alternate Way Offering Investors Choice

A detailed study of the performance related fees offered in dual “Twin” share classes across Europe- An extensive review of performance fee share classes, and differences compared to non performance fee share classes. Breakdowns including on share types, asset classes and domiciles, this report provides a comprehensive analysis.

Review of Transaction Fees
A Review of Funds’ Costs and the Relative Impact of Trading Costs on Funds’ Overall Charges. Comparing ETFs, Equity Funds, Index Trackers.